Roy Movie Boxoffice Predictions

Roy Movie Box-office Predictions: Roy movie which has released today that is 13th February, has so far received good review from the movie critics. The audience is also liking the movie, Ranbir Kapoor who was in negative role in this movie, is receiving applaud from the different critics from the news channels.

Songs of Roy movie were already a huge hit amongst the youth and everyone liked the album of Roy movie. Since its trailer was launched few months back, people had already set their mind to watch this movie on Valentine’s Day. After 2 months, once again a good Bollywood movie is releasing so everyone was excited to watch this movie, and seeing the response to the advance booking, we are sure that this movie will do some decent business at the box office.

All the fans of Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez were excited to watch all of them together in one movie.

Box office collection Roy Movie


As we had earlier predicted that the first day box office collection of Roy movie could be anywhere between ₹6 to ₹ 7 crore. Since the movie has released today, it will take few hours before we have the exact numbers. Wait till today evening before we can tell you the first day box office collection of Roy movie.

Audience Response after Watching Roy movie

Peoples who have watched the movie so fay are praising the acting skills of Ranbir Kapoor, since not too much people have watched this movie yet as it is the first day, we are yet to receive mass review of the movie.
But seeing the so far response, we are sure that this movie will not disappoint you. Since this movie is falling on one day before Valentine’s day and it is a romantic thriller, we urge you to go and watch this movie with your friends.

Movie Competitors

No other big movie is releasing along with Roy. One movie, MSG is releasing today, but we don’t think that MSG will give any competition to Roy movie

Another big movie which might give some competition to Roy, is Fifty Shades of Grey, however, since the censor board has cut so many scenes from the movie, it has disappointed the audience, which is a negative sign for the Fifty shades of Grey filmmakers.

So seeing the situation at the box office, we don’t think that the business of Roy will be much affected by these films, and if the word of mouth publicity goes good, then the filmmakers of Roy movie might expect a good chunk of profit this Valentine’s Day.

So be sure to check us once again in the evening, so that we could tell you the exact amount of the earning done by Roy movie. We will also tell you how much money movie generated from overseas market.

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